Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pregnancy...Round 2

I'm 30 weeks pregnant now, and it still hasn't really hit me that Baby Kelly will be here in a couple months. I'm still not prepared mentally, but physically, I've been starting to feel the aches, pains, and big kicks of pregnancy. We've also been preparing Leah for the arrival of her baby sister. She seems to understand, and so far has been so sweet to my growing belly. We also bought the books I'm a Big Sister and You Were the First to help her understand her new role, as well as remind her of how special she is. Here's a little video of her showing some love. I apologize for the poor video quality!

For those with multiple kids, how did you prepare your oldest for the arrival of a sibling?


  1. aww, how sweet!!! and omg, can't believe baby #2 will be here so soon!!! i didn't really do anything special with jaden in preparation for everly's arrival except read lots of baby sibling books to him. and then after she was born, i made sure to let him help me with baby in little ways so he felt important and not left out. i'm so excited for you! hang in there during the last stretch!


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