Tuesday, July 30, 2013

20 Months! (a week late)

Leah is 20 months! This little girl is in full force these days. She doesn't walk, she runs. She loves to chase and be chased. She doesn't sit still for too long unless she's playing in iPhone/iPad game. Everyday she says a new word we haven't heard her say before, and her memory is amazing! She's growing out of her cautious stage and is becoming daring and fearless at times. Instead of updates, here are some fun Leah moments we've had this past month.

  • She dropped a pea on the ground and said "oh no! pea die!" When I picked it up, she followed with "no more die." I have no clue where she learned the word "die" from!
  • Her iPhone skills are amazing. She can unlock it, find the app she wants, play games, switch apps, and even take pictures while saying "cheese!" Her favorite apps are Endless Alphabet and PBS Kids.
  • She's becoming really good with her "please" and "thank you" especially when she wants something she shouldn't have. 
  • Her next favorite word is "share." While she's pretty good at sharing her things, she also loves to tell other people to share when she wants what they have or if she doesn't want to give up what she has.
  • Every morning, Matt goes though his check list "beeper, wallet..." Leah will continue and say "keys!" She also knows this means daddy is leaving, and she will either say "bye daddy!" or get upset. 
Leah: You are so active these days, and it's fun to watch the wheels in your head turn. Nothing gets past you. You immediately spot the dog in the car next to us, you find the fly in the kitchen so daddy can get it, and the minute you hear another kid voice in the distance, you're looking around to try to make a new friend. You're becoming more independent and refusing to let us help you! You want to go up and down the stairs by yourself, you want to use chopsticks by yourself, and you want to play in the pool by yourself. While it's cute that you think you can do these things, you definitely make mommy's heart skip a beat! I still like to call you my "little baby," but you are definitely a kid and discovering your limits. This month has been so fun watching you learn and change so much physically and mentally. Happy 20 months! xoxo

P.S. I promise the next post will be about Hawaii!


  1. aww, happy 20 months leah! everly and her would totally get along! that's so funny how she said her pea died! she's so cute.

  2. Happy 20 months to your sweetie!! She is such a doll!


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