Sunday, January 15, 2012


This weekend was Leah's first nights away from home. Matt was asked to speak at a Kaiser Ortho conference and they offered him a free night at the SLS so we said "Sure!" Being the first time mom, I was really anxious about this. I was worried that I would forget to pack something, that a crib wouldn't be available, that her routine would get all messed up, etc. She did great! We checked in Friday night and she slept in the crib that night for a 6.5 hour stretch. That morning we got to peek into the conference room to watch Matt speak, and she even took longer naps than she does at home. After the conference, we met up with some of Matt's colleagues at the SLS lounge and she was quiet the entire time. On Sunday, Matt offered to watch Leah for the morning so that I could enjoy some time at the spa! Even though I love my baby like crazy, it was a nice treat to have some time to myself to relax.

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